The T100MX+ family of super PLCs is a close sibling of the T100MD+ PLCs. The main difference  is that the T100MX+ has 3 serial ports but no built-in LCD port, whereas the T100MD+ has a built-in LCD port but eliminated the second RS232 serial port. Yet another difference being that  T100MX+ employs bi-directional opto-isolated input drivers which can interface to  both the PNP and the NPN type of inputs. The first RS232 port COMM1 on the T100MX+ is also opto-isolated. Other than that, the T100MX+ and T100MD+ PLCs operate identically from the programming point of view.

US 399
Photograph of T100MX-3224R+ (32 Optoisolated Inputs, 24 Outputs)
together with
Backlit Serial LCD Message Display model: MDS100

US 469

Photograph of T100MX-4832+
(48 optoisolated Inputs, 24 solid state Outputs)

For more detailed illustrations of the PLC,
Please  download the following documents:

1) T100MX+ Installation Guide (PDF - 203K)

2)  T100MD+ User's Manual (PDF - 449K)

Standard Hardware Features

Currently Available Models:

1. T100MX-3224R  : 32 Digital Inputs, 24 Digital
    Outputs (include 8 relays 2A @250VAC)

2. T100MX-4832  : 48 Digital Inputs, 32 Digital
    Outputs (All solid state 1A @24V Each)

Optional Peripherals

1) MDS100 - 4 lines x 20 Character Serial LCD Message Display

2) MX-RTC - Battery-backed Real Timer Clock Module keeps  the clock running even
    when power to PLC is turned OFF.

Supports Multiple Communication Protocols

  1. Supports MODBUS ASCII as well as MODBUS RTU protocols. PLC can act either as Modbus slave or Modbus Master.
  2. Supports OMRON C20H PLC protocols. PLC can act either as slave or master.
  3. Supports  a proprietary set of ASCII based Host Link commands which allows remote programming or  monitoring by MODEM. Password protection allows device to be left unattended at remote location but accessible by dial-in modem.

All the above protocols are supported on one RS232 port and the RS485 port, enabling either point-to-point or multi-drop connections.  Special Network TRiLOGI programming software allows programmer to be stationed at just one PC and remotely program or monitor any  (theoretical max = 256)  PLCs connected to the RS485 multi-drop network, up to a distance of 4000 fts (1200m) and at baud rate of up to 38.4 Kbps!