includes cable and backlight.

includes cable and backlight.

Download LCD Full Manual

Note: This manual is not required for normal use but it contains information relating to the ASCII table for special characters and special commands for the LCD.

LCD216 and LCD420

These two low cost alphanumeric display modules are STN (super-twisted  nematic) type display with yellow green LED backlight. Both modules are supplied with the ribbon cable and plug for immediate connection to a T100MD+ PLC's built-in LCD port. A backlight current limit resistor is also included in the package.

Programming the display is unbelievably easy! All that is needed is to  execute the TBASIC command once :

    SETLCD r, c, <text string> 

where r is the row number and c is the column number, followed by a text string which can be any ascii text or numerical values converted into text string using the STR$(n) or HEX$(n) command. This allows the LCDs to display any internal data for intelligent operator interface.

See a programming example using the LCD.