Auto-485 US 49
RS232-to-RS485 Converter

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Note: The adapter requires a 9 to 24V DC power which means it can be powered by the same 12 to 24V power supply of the PLC.


US 49

This RS232-to-RS485 converter supports both /RTS-controlled turnaround and automatic turnaround of the transceiver buffer.  The following are some possible applications:

  1. For programming an M-series PLC via its RS485 port so that its RS232 port can be freed for connecting to other devices such as HMI, SCADA, barcode scanner, smart card readers, etc.

  2. For linking as many as 240 PLCs via RS485 multi-drop bus to a single PC for local programming or remote programming / monitoring via the Internet.

  3. To transparently convert the PLC's RS485 port into an additional RS232 port for interfacing to third party RS232 devices. This is made possible by auto-turnaround features built into the adapter.

  4. PLC as I/O boards