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Buying from Latin tech is extremely easy. You can choose from several ordering methods.

Before placing an order please be sure you have read, understand and agree about our terms and conditions.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, please return the complete order and we will return your total payment less shipping.

E-mail ordering

Please send you request to :

We will send you a quotation for your request and all information about your payment.

You can sent us your purchase order by email or use this option to:

Please take into account that we won�t dispatch until the funds have been transferred to our account.

Get a proforma invoice prior to your payment

Specify shipping conditions or rates for international orders

Solve any technical question that will define that your order be processed

Before placing any order please read the following information carefully, since these TERMS AND CONDITIONS are applicable to all of our orders ( national and international) without exceptions. For any doubt about any of the following subjects you can call to our TOLL FREE SERVICE to get a complete explanation.

Returns and Money back payments
With us you enjoy a wonderful money back service. From the date we have dispatched, you have 30 days to decide wether you want the equipment or not. If for any reason your satisfaction is not complete , just pack the original items in their original boxes, get a return autorization ( by phone or e-mail) and send them back to us. After evaluating the shipment we will reimburse the total of your payment less shipping charges. What do you think about this service?

National Taxes.
We are located in Miami, Florida so taxes must be applied for Florida�s residents.

International Taxes
Please take into account that for international orders you will have to pay taxes at your country. There are restrictions regarding , amount of money, weight and volume so please find out about them before placing your order. In some countries a proforma is required prior to any shipment.

Shipping methods and charges
We have an agreement with DHL for National and International orders. However, you can define your own shipping and or packing service. The rates depend upon the weight and volume and vary according to every order. To have a defined shipping cost please request a proforma. If you already have an account with a national or international courier service, please submit this info in your purchase order or before the payment and we will ship as per your instructions. Some minor costs of handling could apply.

Working hours
8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

How to make a payment

Buying from us is extremely easy since you can make your payment through several ways:

1- Wire Transfer

To make a wire transfer you need to have a quote or a proforma invoice number. For USA or Canada you can make the payment directly to our bank account which can be found on the invoice. International customers must inform their Banks in their countries to be charged for the wiring costs to avoid any unnecessary delay. If we don�t receive the exact amount the order won�t be processed since we are unable to track it . To get a formal quote please send an email to

2- Paying by e-mail.

To make your payment via fax, please download, print and fill out the form from our web (Click here). Sign and scan the document and send it as an attachment to

3- Paying by Paypal

If you already have a Paypal account, just sent your payment to for the amount specified in the quote or invoice. Before making your payment, please make sure you have a valid quote . To confirm or request a new quote, please send an email to

4 - Send us a check

You can send us a check payable to: Latin - Tech, Inc to our address in Miami Fl

8004 NW 154 ST. Suite # 621

Miami Lakes Fl, 33016

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