Fundamentals of PLC Programming

ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-4598-2

The World of Automation is in constant change. In order to respond to the markets needs, new automation products are launched every day. These automation products are based on the available technology that can be obtained from both: Components and manufacturing capabilities. Since the fast evolution of industrial automation is becoming the main fact in competitiveness in a more globalized world, both parts involved (Industries and Engineers), need to look for a good and right knowledge that can help them to survive.

Education on PLCs is the key to success.

Trying to cover all the aspects about information is indeed a hard task, which we are working on but for sure, will take a lot of our time.

Our book on PLC fundamentals is the ideal choice of professors of Universities and Colleges, that have a regular course on Programmable Automation Controllers ( PLCs) or Industrial Automation Processes ( PACs ), because of the following advantages:

  1. Basic Theory on PLCs.
  2. Basic Theory on Ladder Logic.
  3. Lessons with practice on Ladder Logic.
  4. Examples of machines and Projects with PLC.
  5. Simulation Software to assign homeworks to students.
  6. Real practice on our low cost PLC trainers.
  7. Appendixes of several popular PLC brands.

In addition to Educators, other professionals can also have benefit of the book:

Note to professors/instructors: Please don´t cut your students´wings by teaching a particular brand of PLC.Teach as many brands as possible.

Important: Pocket PLC trainers are available for purchase so, in addition to the free software you can also practice with real PLCs.

Most of the books about Programmable Logic Controllers you find in the market :

- Have only theory about PLCs.
- Are associated to a particular PLC brand which, in our concept, is pretty unfair with the students.
- Just a few of them have lessons and examples.
- Almost none of them include simulator software.
This is the best way to learn ladder logic programming because it´s like you were buying three different books:

One for Theory, one for Lessons and a third one for Real applications.

Learning about Programmable Logic Controllers is a real need for any technician/engineer who wants to work or applying for a job in the field of automation. It has been proven that it becomes a major disadvantage when you are educated on the technology of just one particular manufacturer, because most of the companies have at least two different PLC brands on their industrial processes. You become more competitive if you are able to easily switch from programming one PLC to another, like you were able to speak several languages.

Our book can be sent to any Country.
Fundamentals on PLC programming (book)

Our book includes the following:

- Father of the PLCs.
- What is a PLC?.
- Types of PLC.
- Basic architecture of a PLC application.
- Parts of a PLC.

- Software components of PLC.

- Ladder logic programming.

- Other programming>
- Programming and simulation software Wintrilogi.

- PLC lessons.

- Ladder logic projects.

Our Book also has some Appendixes on:

- Appendix Fundamentals on electricity.
- Appendix PTS E10 Brochure.
- Appendix PTS t100 Brochure.


Words from the author.
1. Introduction.
2. Father of the PLCs.
3. What is a PLC?.
4. Three examples of Automation.
5. Types of PLC.
6. Basic architecture of a PLC application.
7. Parts of a PLC.
8. Software components of PLC.
9. Ladder logic programming.
10. Other programming methodologies.
11. Programming and simulation software Wintrilogi.
12. PLC lessons.
13. Ladder logic projects.
14. Wiring a PLC and a PLC trainer.
Appendix Ladder Logic from popular brands.
Siemens’ ladder logic.
Allen Bradley’s ladder logic.
Automationdirect’s ladder logic.
General Electric’s ladder logic.
Triangle research’s ladder logic.
Appendix Fundamentals on electricity.
Appendix PTS E10 Brochure.
Appendix PTS t100 Brochure.
About the author.

Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and Ladder Logic II


ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-4908-9

When you have mastered the basic concepts now you will learn:

- Forty step by step lessons for you to master more complex ladder logic concepts.
- Eight practical projects for you to get the feeling of real applications.
- Analog inputs and outputs, Memory,Math and Communications.
- Basic information of how other PLC brands handle the programming of their PLCs:
Allen Bradley, Siemens, Automation Direct, General Electric and Triangle Research.

Our book can be sent to any Country.
Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and Ladder Logic II

40 Step by Step Lessons
8 Real and Practical Projects
Software Simulator
Basic Instructions for several PLCs:
Allen Bradley®, Siemens®, Automation Direct®, General Electric® and Triangle Research®


1. Analog signals.
2. Codes and conversion codes.
3. Analog variables.
4. Analog inputs.
5. Analog outputs.
6. Ladder logic and Tbasic.
7. Data manipulation.
8. Communication and protocols.
9. Programming and simulation software trilogi.
10. Writing a program.
11. Tbasic.
12. Displaying information.
13. Lessons.
14. Projects.

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