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  PH: 305 848 3517  8004 NW 154ST #621  Miami Lakes, FL 33016 USA
                  Remote Modules                

Do you need to add analog inputs/outpus to your current PLC?

Yes, Latin Tech Inc. is the right place.

You can easily connect our analog modules to any PLC brand you use or if you really want to save dollars use our SuperPLCs which already include analog inputs/outputs.

Do you want to go further with your analog variables?

Then, please take a look to some possibilities

  • Assemble your own Data logger or Temperature logger using our FMD Series PLCs
  • Perform real time control and monitoring using the well known Microsoft's EXCEL spreadsheet
  • Are you trying to read/control electrical parameters or needing RTUs? Then visit our section of Power monitoring
  • To monitor/control position, inclination or distance select one of our position transducers with analog output

Ideal for:

Cold rooms
Air conditioning systems
Plastic Injection Machines
Gas or Electric Ovens
Weight Control Systems
and many more


I-7000 Remote Data Acquisition Modules via RS-485 / DCON Protocol

7000 series distributed I/O modules offer the most cutting edge data acquisition capabilities for your industrial control needs. I-7000 distributed I/O modules are available in a bevy of Digital and Analog configurations, which are communicable via RS-485.
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    POE Ethernet I/O Modules      
The PET-7000 series is a family of Internet/Ethernet data acquisition and control modules that support Modbus/TCP protocols. They are Ethernet remote I/O with a built-in web server for configuration, I/O data monitoring and control via a regular web browser.
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M-7000 Remote Data Acquisition Modules via ModBus Protocol
Our M-7000 line is identical to the I-7000 family, but capable of communication via ModBus protocol! The M-7000 distributed I/O modules are available in a wide variety of Analog and Digital configurations. The entire M-7000 family directly correlates to the existing I-7000 product line, thus offering, full digital and analog data acquisition capability!
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Remote Ethernet I/O Modules

The ET-7000 are remote web-based Ethernet I/O modules that feature a built-in web server. It allows configuration, I/O monitoring and I/O control through a regular web browser. Remote control is as easy as surfing the Internet. No more programming or HTML skills are needed; users can create dynamic and attractive web pages for I/O monitoring and I/O control. They support Modbus/TCP protocol for seamless integration to SCADA software. The ET-7000 offers easy and safe access for users anytime and anywhere!

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    Download EZdata logger Software     Download Dcon Utility Software    
  We have written an application note and some sample .PC5 programs to work with these modules. They can be downloaded from the following link: Download Application Example  

For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!