1. Intel (Penang).

    Sony Precision Engineering.

  2. Grundig (Penang)

    Apple Computer USA and Singapore.


    SGS Thompson.

  4. Honeywell.

    Anglo Gold Ltd. (South Africa; the largest gold mines in the world).

  5. ST MICROELECTRONICS (Singapore; the sixth largest in the world in the manufacture of semiconductors).

  6. (USA; one of the FORTUNE 500 companies, a supplier to the United States Air Force and NASA).

Recently, we have discovered that this is one of the most visited pages in our web site. Most of our visitors get surprised after they know that important brands from all over the world are using our PLCs, HMIs, Power supplies, etc.

The reason is quite simple, with our prices you can save a lot of money and if you translate this to the annual budget they spend in automation you'll realize that saving money implies more facts: saving jobs, more profit, survival ,etc.

Here you will find just some companies that have been using our equipments. As you can see we already are all over the world.

PLUS, hundreds of small and medium size OEM equipment makers, including well known names such as Metropolitan Industries.

We will be enchanted to add your company to our list.

For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!

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