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Latin-Tech Inc.

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A new approach to understand technological concepts!

Educational and Research Equipment

Malt/Beer/Soda Production Mini-Plant
  This mini-plant is one of the first real processes.It was developed to provide training , with a better and practical approach to the automation or control of industrial processses, for all type of disciplines such us: electrical, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, acontrol, automation, industrial, chemical, food and beverages, enviromental and production.
Bioethanol From Biomass Mini-Production Plant (Micro-Refinery)

The world is currently needing a change to improve the vital conditions. In the ques for oll`s substitutes, researches have been exploring renewables materials like wheat, sugar cane and oil plant, but since these ones are considered food, most of the scientists agree on the fact that food security can be affected.



Algae Biofuel Mini-Pilot Plant
    For many years it was consider tat the biomass coming from the vegetables products was a good solution to the complex situation of replacing fossil fuel.
From 2009, new research studies allowed to know that the fuel obtained from the algae, has more advantages, than those ones derivate from the food, to partially or totally replace fossil fuel.
Speed, Position and Generation Plant

This control lab is now more real.
Now students from different engineering background can make control labs from more realistic perspective: Our Speed, Position and Generation plant is of 250 watts.

Inverted Pendulum
The inverted pendulum is an excellent lab practice for those interested in control, systems, mechanics, process, electronics, mechatronics   and robotics. This is a very fundamental application for robotics to understand among other concepts, the equilibrium concept.
Instrumentation Course Level 1

This lot contains a lot of sensors for measurement and control practices. Its designed for educational institutions with no much lab space. It allows to work on very advanced topics;this kit has homologated with several worldwide Universities.

Hydrogen Cell Trainer
  The need to eliminate all the harmful contaminants as a result from the combustion has generated new interests on research of clean energy production process.
The fuel cells are similar to the batteries but they use other chemicals or cleaner combustion process.
This trainer uses the hydrogen cell to study advantages and applications.

Solar Collector Trainer


Solar heating is a very popular application nowadays because of the environmental advantages.
Get trained and learn all the fundamentals of this technological system.
Develop and test your own applications.

Solar and Wind (Eolic) Energy Trainer

Discover all the power of the alternative energies and experiment about its efficiency. This system allows students and researchers understand, simulate and use the generated energy.

Water Treatment Mini-Plant
planta de agua 1
  This trainer allows to understand the operation of system to supply urban and rural locations,the study variables are:
electrical, mechanical, electronic, fluid, temperature, pressure, engine operation, and more.

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PH: 305 848 3517   
8004 NW 154 ST. # 621
Miami 33016, FL, USA

Discover and new experience in education and research.

More realistic lab practices

Climate Chamber - Phytotron

This advanced system is very useful to experiment the effects of Humidity, Temperature and Light on plants and tissues. We can consider it as an Envirotron because it is designed to simulate extreme environmental conditions similar to the ones the world experiences with climate change. Red and Blue lights make the equipment unique in the world.

Now we have the REPLICATOR. A system that will allow you to reproduce the environmental conditions from a remote location... directly in your lab.




Scientific instruments and laboratory apparatus designed and manufactured for experimental education in physics at colleges and universities.
a wide variety of experimental instruments and kits covering from general physics to advanced physics for experimental education at colleges and universities. Another branch of our products covers spectroscopic instruments for analytical chemistry in a variety of application fields. We also have a large selection of laboratory light sources and opto-mechanical parts. All instruments, apparatuses, and experimental kits come with comprehensive experimental instructions/user manuals.