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WATER Mini-Plant
LT - W - 01
planta de agua 1

This trainer allows to understand the operation of system to supply urban and rural locations.
From the educational point of view this plant allows you:

  • To observe the electrical behavior of a tri-phase motor, measuring of its electrical parameters, usages and consumption optimization, efficiency, traceability, consumption and operational cost.
  • Manual and electrical activation of different control valves to command conditions on water supply capacity of a municipality water system.
  • Variable measurement of related variables like pressure, flow, level. Alarm signal to help in control decisions.
  • Verifying the way a simple filtering system works and XX the effects on water purification of water supply system. The filter can be removed.
  • Understanding of water extraction on rural locations.

If you get our PTS F1616 trainer to use it as control element, you can make also the following:

  • Display information of pressure and flow variables.
  • Control and simulation of water usage in manual or automatic ways.
  • Measurement of all related electrical parameters such as: phase currents, phase voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor and KWH.
  • Develop efficient pump usage according to the availability of auxiliary pressure tank and pressure range.
  • Continuous pressure control without the auxiliary pressure tank (by-pass/manual).

If you get tour optional, PC with SACADA you can see the process from the computer and perform control actions.

planta de agua 5

Technical Specifications: planta de agua 4                                                          

  • Power Supply:              3 Ф, 220 VAC.
  • Amperage:                    3 Amp.
  • Weigh:                             200 kg.
  • Size:                                  2m x1, 50 x 70 cm.
  • Overprotection pressure.
  • Level water detection to protect the pump.
  • Metal chassis.
  • All signals in the panel control.
  • Include planta de agua 3

      • Hydraulic pump.
      • 2 Pressure transducer.
      • 2 water supply tanks
      • 3 electro valves.
      • 3 manual valves.
      • 1 filter.
      • Level control
      • Operator and training manuals.

Download the Brochure

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