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Latin-Tech Inc.

                  8004  NW 154 St # 621  MIAMI FL, 33016 USA   1-888-832-7568 Toll free 305 -320-4255 
Serial Modules

Do you need to add analog inputs/outpus to your current PLC?

Yes, Latin Tech Inc. is the right place.


You can easily connect our analog modules to any PLC brand you use or if you really want to save dollars use our SuperPLCs which already include analog inputs/outputs.


Ideal for:

Cold rooms

Air conditioning systems

Plastic Injection Machines

Gas or Electric Ovens

Weight Control Systems

and many more


Do you want to go further with your analog variables?

Then, please take a look to some possibilities

  • Assemble your own Data logger or Temperature logger using our T100Series PLCs
  • Perform real time control and monitoring using the well known Microsoft's EXCEL spreadsheet
  • Are you trying to read/control electrical parameters or needing RTUs? Then visit our section of Power monitoring
  • To monitor/control position, inclination or distance select one of our position transducers with analog output

Now take a look to our Serial modules and prices

Serial Modules

Now we offer you the possibility to connect different types of analog devices to any of our SuperPLCs or your preferred brand with these low-cost analog modules.Our distributed I/O modules can communicate to PC or any host controllers including PLCs. They have dual watchdog timers to detect the failure of the module and network. Output modules have power on value and safe value. It is a MUST for Data Acquisition and Control applications. With RS 485 communication, it can go long distance.


  • RS-485 Communication, therefore you can connect several modules in one network, and to almost any type of PLC's
  • Low cost
  • Low power
  • Expandable
  • Low cost systems with our powerful PLC T100
For example: Multiple units of I-7000 can be multi-dropped from a T100MD+ or MX PLC, allowing hundreds of analog I/Os to be connected to a single PLC. Since the PLC can also be a MODBUS slave this can also serve as an ultra low cost RTU subsystem.

We have written an application note and some sample .PC5 programs to work with these modules. They can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Application Example


I-7019R 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module with

High Voltage Protection


Data Sheet Download

U$ 359.00

Universal Module

Each Channel can be programmed to measure:
Voltages: (0-5v, 0-10v, 0-1v).
Current: (4-20mA, 0-20mA).
Thermocouple: (J,KT,R,S,B and others).

Resolution: 16-bits
Sampling Rate: 8 samples/second (Total)
Accuracy: +/-0.15%
Voltage Input Impedance: >2M Ohms
Overvoltage Voltage Protection: +/-240Vrms
Wire Opening Detection for Thermocouple


You can connect this module directly to the analog port of our powerful PLCs: T100MD888+, T100MD2424+, T100MX3224+ and T100MX4832+

I-7005 8-channel Thermistor Input and 6-channel Alarm Output Module


Input Type: Thermistor
Input Channels: 8
Resolution: 16-bits
Accuracy: +/-0.1%
Sampling Rate: 8 samples/second (Total)
3dB BandWidth: 5.24Hz
Cmmon Mode Rejection: Typical 86dB
Voltage Input Impedance: >1M Ohms
Individual Channel Configurable


Wire Opening Detection
Alarm Output Type: Open collector
Alarm Output Channels: 6 (NPN, Sink)
Open collector to 30V, 100mA max. load (per channel)
Isolation Voltage: 3000Vdc


Data Sheet Download



U$ 379.00



I-7018 8-channel Analog Thermocouple Input Module
Analog Input 

Type: Thermocouple, mV, V, or mA Channels 
6 differential + 2 single-ended or 
8 differential(jumper select) 

Voltage range: 15mV,  50mV ,
  100mV,  500mV,  1V,  2.5V 
Current range:  20mA 
Sampling rate: 10 samples/sec(total) 
Bandwidth: 13.1 Hz 

Accuracy:  0.05% or better 
Zero drift:  0.033ppm/X C 
CMR @ 50/60 Hz: 150 dB 
NMR @50/60 Hz: 100 dB 
Span drift: 25ppm/X C 
Over voltage protection:  35V 

Input Power : 10~30VDC 
Power consumption: 1.2W
U$ 259.00
        Data sheet Download
I-7017  8-channel Analog Input Module     

Channels : 6 differential + 2 single-ended or 8 differential (jumper select)
Resolution : 16-bit
Input type: mV, V , mA
Input range: ± 150mV, ± 500mV , ± 1V, ± 5V, ± 10V and ± 20mA

Sample rate: 10 sample/sec(total)
Bandwidth: 13.1 Hz
Accuracy: ± 0.1% or better
Zero drift: ± 0.03uV/C
Span drift: ± 25ppm/C
CMR @ 50/60 Hz : 92 dB min
Over voltage protection: ± 35V

U$ 249.00
  Data sheet Download
I-7021 Analog Output Module
I-7018 Features

Channels: 1
Output type : mA, V
Output range : 0 to 20mA , 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V
12-bit resolution
accuracy : ± 0.1% of FSR
Read back accuracy : ± 1% of FSR
Resolution : ± 0.02% of FSR
Zero drift : Voltage output: ±15uV/deg C
Current output: ± 0.2uA/deg C

Data sheet Download

Span temperature coefficient: ± 25ppm/deg C
Programmable output slope :

0.125 to 128 mA/sec

0.0625 to 64.9 V/sec

Current load resistor:
500W for internal power
1050W for external power
Power consumption : 1.8W

U$ 239.00
Other Models:
I-7005 8-channel Thermistor Input and 6-channel Alarm Output Module US 379.00
I-7011D Thermocouple Input module with Display (Single channel)

US 299.00

I-7012F High speed Analog Input module (12 bit/16 bit, single channel)(Single channel, 41/2 led display) US 259.00
I-7015 6-channel RTD Input Module US 379.00
I-7016P Strain Gauge Input module (16-bit DAC supply excitation voltage) US 369.00
I-7017 8-channel Analog Input module (voltage/current) US 249.00
M-7017 8-channel Analog Input Module (Modbus) US 319.00
M-7017R 8-channel Analog Input Module with High Over Voltage Protection (Modbus) US 359.00
I-7017F 8-channel Analog Input module (High speed analog input function) US 269.00
I-7018 8-channel thermocouple Input module (voltage/current) US 259.00
M-7018 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module (Modbus) US 329.00
M-7018R 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module with High Over Voltage Protection (Modbus) US 359.00
I-7018P 8-channel thermocouple Input module (Supports more thermocouple types) US 269.00
I-7019R 8-channel universal Analog Input Module (voltage/current) US 359.00
M-7019R 8-channel Universal Input Module with High Over Voltage Protection US 399.00
I-7021P 16-bit Analog Output module (Current read back function) US 279.00
I-7022 2-channel 12-bit Analog Output module (channel to channel isolated) US 289.00
I-7024 4-channel 14-bit Analog Output module (Supports bipolar voltage output) US 339.00
Download EZdata logger Software
Download Dcon Utility Software
For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!