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Environmental Chamber
Climate Chamber- Phytotron

New technologyNew technology
Imagine that you can analyze the effects of the environment on agriculture, food production, rainfall patterns or simply perform REAL experiments ( and not simulations) on different locations…. Almost like you were there.

Three different control practices.
Both specimens, the remote and the local one, grow under the same environmental conditions.

PC or stand-alone control.
You can use a PC and your favorite control software along with signal conditioning boards. You can also use all types of control devices such us micro-controller, PLC, DAQ boards or stand-alone PCs. We offer you our powerful PTS F1616 control trainer for standalone applications where no computer is needed. See features.

Manual or Automatic Operation.
By switching a single selector, the plant can be commuted to operate either in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode the instructor can show the students all the features and desired operation. In automatic mode the student uses all type of control device to perform the control of system.


Special Features

  • DC plant with real load connection up to 2,7 Amps!!
  • Generator and tachogenerator feedback.
  • High resolution encoder (1000 ppr) with zero output.
  • Additional shaft for external mechanical loads


Concepts and practices you can make

  • Resolution y accuracy
  • Error calculation
  • Feedback information
  • Open loop control
  • Feedback control
  • Signal scaling
  • Control design and equations
  • P, PI, PID control
  • SISO control systems
  • PC control
  • Stand-alone control
  • Waveform applications
  • Stability
  • Uncertainty
  • Disturbances
  • Robust control
  • Other control techniques


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PH: 305 848 3517
 Fax: 775 637 6825   
8004 NW 154 ST. # 621
Miami 33016, FL, USA

Discover and new experience in education and research.

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