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Now you can add human voice to your machines...      

When your operators don't pay attention to indicating lamps or just written messages in your operator panels or touch screen HMI's, then you can use our Voice or Sound module. Imagine your machines literally saying very descriptive voice sound messages like:

"Please remove the piece from the clamp to continue"
"The machine has been stopped more than 20 minutes, please continue"
The Frequency drive of motor 3 has reported a failure"



- Sound File Support: MP3 (320Kbps max.).
- Stereo CD Quality (16-bit) MP3 Players.
- No. of Trigger Inputs: 8.
- Max. No. of Files: 8 ~ 999 (mode dependent).
- Max. Output Power: 15W x 2 (stereo), 55W (mono).
- Memory Type: SD/SDHC (2GB/32GB max.).
- Supply Voltage: 12 ~ 30 VDC.
- Serial Port: RS-232/RS-485.
- Internal Relay: optional.
- Relay Outputs: 0 or 8.

Download Datasheet

EM38A is a rugged industrial MP3 player designed for the most demanding jobs. Much like a CD player playing sound tracks from a CD, EM38A plays sound files from an SD/SDHC memory card but without the moving parts to wear and tear. The unit conforms to the ISO 11172-3 MP3 standard (up to 320 Kbps) and provides better sound quality than other MP3 players supporting 256 kbps or less.

Audio programming for the unit is as simple as copying sound files to the memory card via a card reader attached to the computer. The type of memory cards used, the SD/SDHC cards, are most popular and readily available in a number of capacities to suit different needs. Hundreds of tracks totaling hours of audio can be stored onto an inexpensive card for instant playback.

Powered by a single voltage DC power supply, EM38A features a built-in energy saving class D power amplifier with minimum heat dissipation. A line level output is also available for feeding an external amplifier if desired. Audio playback can be triggered with a variety of methods such as push buttons, motion/alarm sensors and PLCs. Keypads and other custom interfaces are available by special request.

EM38A can be easily configured to work in different operation modes such as:

- Start the playback when the trigger is applied or removed.
- Allow the playback to be interruptible by another trigger or not.
- Play the sound just once or loop it till the trigger is removed.
- Toggle the internal relays in sync with the audio (for EM38AR and EM38AX only).
- Start/pause/resume/stop the sound via the serial port.

Housed in a compact yet rugged metal case, EM38A can be easily secured into place with the integrated mounting tabs on each side of the unit. Wiring is done via screw terminals and requires only a small screw driver. The screw terminals are unpluggable, making it fool-proof to replace the unit in the field when necessary.

Typical Applications
*  Talking exhibits and displays
*  Music and sound for amusement equipment
*  Special sound effects for theme park attractions
*  PA announcements of fixed messages at public places
*  Verbal instructions/feedbacks for industrial/vending equipment

Available Models
LTM38A: No internal relay. U$ 374
LTM38AR: Four Basic Audio-n-Action relays that can be toggled before/after the audio playback. U$ 454
LTM38AX: Four Advanced Audio-n-Action relays that can be toggled before/during/after the audio playback. U$ 569


Add voice messages to any PLC application:

  • Every message can have any duration.
  • Use your own voice and mix it with sounds
  • Help to diagnose machine stops
  • Call the operator by his name
  • Put the machine to say the process it's doing.
  • Control dead times
  • Increase productivity
  • Play procedures for prrduction and maintenance

Simple to use:

  • Record your messages as .wav file using a normal PC
  • Store them in the Compact Flash using a CF reader/Writer
  • Use a Push Button or a PLC outputs to play your messages (via binary or serial inputs).
  • Update your messages any time you want

Infinite Applications:

  • Animatronics
  • Point of sales
  • Voice Presentations
  • Warning Messages
  • Motivation messages
  • Machine operation/control messages
  • Emergency messages


A new reality available only in LATIN-TECH INC


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