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Latin-Tech Inc.

  PH: 305 848 3517  8004 NW 154ST #621  Miami Lakes, FL 33016 USA.
PLC Training Tools

Now we offer you more possibilities to learn about PLCs. Take your first step to a new and exciting world.

Don´t be afraid to learn............


Fundamentals of PLC Programming (ENGLISH) Soon Spanish version.
Best seller. How to buy THREE books in one.
Theory and practice.

USD 55
PLCs Trainers
Learn about PLCs with a real PLC you can touch and connect. Get the hands-on and experience.
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Hands - on training in Miami

Come to our place for a personal training on PLCs. We will use our PLC trainers to provide real hands- on training.

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Online PLC Training

Lifetime Access. Take the course in our On-line Platform. Learn about SEVERAL brands of PLC and not just one. At your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Unlike other courses in the market, our course includes THEORY (Videos) and PRACTICE with a software simulator or, if you prefer and order it, a real PLC.

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Personalized Training

Now you can be trained, in real time, by a REAL INSTRUCTOR. Non biased education. Because you will learn about SEVERAL PLC brands and not just one. From the comfort of your home. Includes hands-on practices.

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Personalized Courses for Children

Visit INNOVENTION, our Virtual Academy for children (7-17), where they can develop skills in Focus, Reading, Electricity, Electronics, Mechanics, Robotics, Agro-ecology, Medicine and Magic. Check the videos to verify the results. They interact with children from other cities and countries.

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For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!