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Latin-Tech Inc.

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Affordable and powerful equipments to learn about ladder logic and PLC programming.


If you look for affordable and  powerful trainers, that allow you to learn  with real practice, this is for sure you best choice.
If you plan to develop automation projects, these trainers will help you in having your prototypes up and running  in no time .

We believe that a good way to learn about programmable logic controllers is through practice. But let’s face it, most of the equipments to train on PLCs lack of two main characteristics:They don´t cover all the required aspects of learning or they are very expensive an really unaffordable.

To solve this situation we designed our PLC trainers, providing you the following advantages:


More New Technologies

You can learn the classical concepts or you can innovate with new approaches in the changing world of industrial automation.


Extremely Low Cost

For the cost of a PLC you can buy a complete trainer with pushbuttons, switches, relays, LEDs and power supply.


Not only Educational But  Real

These PLCs are used for many multinationals. Anyone or any educational center can take his application to the real world.


More Control Techniques

You can learn more technologies besides the classical ladder programming such as BASIC.


More New Topics

Could you imagine monitoring and controlling trough EXCEL ® ? You can also operate our PLCs over the Internet. Try robotics and telemetry.


More Learning Levels

Learners can begin to work with simple and smaller PLCs before using higher technologies or more expensive equipment.


Fixable Equipment

Yes, our training stations are fixable. We are aware that the learning process is associated to mistakes. In our PLCs all the chips are mounted on DIL Basis so you can remove/ replace defective chips for only few dollars.


Simulation Software Included

Yes, you can develop your application in your PC before downloading it to the PLC trainer itself.
Educators can put homeworks!
PLC programmers save time!


The continuous improvements in electronics have generated a good set of very small, very low cost, yet powerful PLCs.

One of the advantages is that in addition to real PLC programming the software tools allows simulation.

If you want to learn about PLC programming and ladder logic these PLC trainers are a very good and affordable start.

      Micro PTSE10    
    PTS Micro    
        U$ 289        
The world’s Smallest PLC trainer. This is a reduced and affordable version of our legendary PTS E10. Intended for students and tight budget technicians. For beginners and small applications.
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        U$ 488        
A powerful PLC training fully wired and ready for you to make real application in no time. This trainer is recommended for educational institutions as the ideal tool to train beginners on Basic levels of PLCs or to develop small applications.
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  PTS Nano  
  U$ 550      

A very small PLC trainer that is reduced and affordable version of our PTS T100 and PTS F100. Despite its size it has the advantage of an Ethernet port and web control without writing code. For medium and advanced knowledge  levels.  For complex yet affordable small projects.

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        U$ 688      
Former PTS T100. A superPLC trainer with and arsenal of features that you only find in very expensive PLCs: Analog I/o , display, High speed I/O, internet/Ethernet capabilities, simulation software and more. Ideal for medium and advanced levels. For quick prototyping  and machine automation.
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PTS F1616
    U$ 990    

The latest  technology in  PLC trainers. All the features of our Super trainer PTS T100 plus Ethernet ports, more com ports, more inputs and outputs. Ideal for robotics, domotics and advanced yet affordable automation projects.

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Automationdirect (Koyo)
The first model is only for digital I/O and the other include some Analog inputs and outputs.
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Allen Bradley
This PLC trainer is one of the most sold items because of its low cost, small size and powerful features.
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This PLC trainer is an excellent tool to learn about PLC programming and also the new software programming tool the company has developed.
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  PLC Trainers Brochure              

There units have been sold to several universities and other educational institutions in the whole world.

The units are loaded with an arsenal of technical features that classifies them as one of the most favorite choices in educational equipment.

Used by Australian RMIT, TAFE and Old Dominion University, Purdue University, State University of New York, Sait Polytechnic (Canada), Torreon University (Mexico), Kent State University, Florida International University , Miami Dade College and many other colleges and universities around the world.
European Customers

Note 1: Use a power supply of any voltage between 12 and 24VDC and connect it through the terminals of the trainer.

Note 2: Get a wall adapter of 15VAC output or a wall adapter with an output from 12 to 24VDC (positive to the center).


Comments from Professor Bo Barry. University of North Carolina:

“In reference to the proposal from Latin-tech, Inc, it should be noted that they are the only company providing ALL of the components required, and ALL of the capabilities required for the PLC trainers.

They are the only company providing PLCs with Ethernet & Internet connectivity at zero cost. Additionally the system, AS PROVIDED BY Latin Tech, are programmable in normal ladder logic, in BASIC, in C, and their unique software allows control & monitoring thru Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheets.

Their units are very popular both in industry (for use as PLCs and as trainers) and at many universities, including Old Dominion, Purdue, Kent State, State Univ of NY, and others.

A significant amount of time was spent researching this item, and it is felt that the systems as provided by Latin Tech, will not only completely satisfy our educational needs, but that they are by far the most economical systems providing all of the features available, including the items mentioned above.”

Ambrose G. Barry
Assoc Prof
Eng Tech Dept


PLC Training Course Instructor Comments:

"I use TRiLOGI in the college classroom. I have each student download and install TRiLOGI on their home computer, and I then give them programming assignments to do at home. They individually write, run and debug their PLC programs, and then email their program files to me for testing and grading. Since TRiLOGI will simulate PLC operation off-line, each student is able to obtain hands-on programming and debugging experience without having to wait for their turn on an expensive laboratory PLC. The students enjoy using TRiLOGI because they can see their programs run at home without loading them into an actual PLC, it is easy to learn, and the cost for the off-line version is zero."

Prof John Hackworth, Old Dominion University


Attention Educational Institutions
Why Purdue University is one of the most important engineering of schools of the world?

This is IE575 course, conducted at Purdue University. Our equipments were selected to teach students about industrial automation. Some project pages of the link contain photos of projects contructed using our Super Plc.

Click here to know about IE575 course


If you are an EDUCATOR looking  for the best way to provide a course on Programmable Logic Controllers we want to tell you that our trainers were designed with the following ideas in mind:

- Affordable costs, allowing you to acquire more training units with limited budgets. Our suggestion is that you have one or two students per PLC trainer.
- We cover more topics. Your students can do better and more sophisticated projects.
- You can allow the students to install the programming software in their PCs or Laptops and, since it has a complete simulation , they can work at home in practicing and studying by themselves or working on the homework you have previously assigned .
- You can impart more hands-on experience. Every class can be a different project that can be downloaded to the PLC trainer.
- You can provide a non biased education, avoiding focusing on particular or commercial brands but generic devices.  -When the students become professional they will thank you.

Make a wise decision  
    Worldwide satisfied customers    
PLC trainers Video
        Now you can´t complain about costs of PLC training!

For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!