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A new generation of PLCs


This is a new technology that will offer you a very powerful PLC with tracking capabilities.


If you need to know the location of a system of transmit data from a mobile control…….this PLC is right for you!

Our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with GPS capabilities can store and send large volumes of data to any monitoring software of system trough a lot of possibilities:
GPRS, GSM, Ethernet, Internet, Serial RS485 or RS232.

In some applications like sea ships and vehicles in movement that carry valuables or perishables.

Low cost, compact, easy to use programmable logic controller with GPS / GPRS / GSM.
Our PLC can be applied in the following field:


- Machine Automation.
- Data logging.
- Water utilities.
- Home security.
- POS Systems.
- Power measurement
- Vending machines.
- Solar powered systems



- Ships in the sea.
- Vehicle management system.
- Interstate buses.
- Taxi dispatching system.
- Transportation system.
- Money transported on vehicles.



Technical Features

- Mini operating system with antivirus.
- 512K of RAM expandable trough SD compact flash.
- 16 KB of EEPROM.
- Real time clock /calendar.
- Two RS232 ports, one RS485 and one Ethernet.
- 3 inputs / 3 outputs DC.
- 8 Analog inputs (0-20mA).
- GPRS/GSM with 16 channels. Built-in high gain amplifier and band pass filter.
- Support all of our serial modules or any user´s protocol.
- 15 x 12 x 4 cm.

You can track several car trough satellite and gather all type of info you want. REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT.

How to program the PLC with GPS?

In order to run an application on the controller you basically need to follow these steps:

  • Create a folder (for example Myapplication) and copy all the supplied libraries to the folder. (AD / IO functions, GPRS function, MMC/SD function and Ethernet function.
  • Add the wanted libraries to a free C program editor.
  • Add the control program written in C (IE Project.C).
  • Compile your application and debug for problems.
  • Create an executable file project.exe.
  • Download the application to the controller via supplied software and hit run!

Important application:
Redundant Communication System


Very useful to monitor process that can be critical like substitutions in power systems.

When one communication get lost the other can be used as space.

  PLC with GPS     U$ 1099            
  Power Supply  U$ 60          
For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!