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Micro PTS E10

Welcome to our latest development for ladder logic programming and training on PLCs. A simplified version our model PTS E10.



- Low cost, small size PLC trainer.

- Real PLC industrial applications.

- Ideal for quick prototyping and budget learning and experiments.

- Excellent tool that you can carry with you wherever you go.

- Full equipped with cable, power supply and fuses.


The world’s Smallest PLC trainer

  U$ 277  

Technical specifications

    • PLC 6 inputs / 4 outputs DC.
    • Two pushbuttons and 4 toggle switches.
    • Programming steps.
    • Main fuse and external fuse available.
    • Connector for wiring external devices.
    • Wall adapter power supply 110 VAC input.
    • Timers and counters.
    • Sequencer of 32 steps.
    • Programming and simulation software for ladder logic.
    • Online monitoring and control.


Ideal for:

- Small projects
- Industrial emergencies
- Robotics
- Replacing timers
- Replacing counters
- Replacing ladder logic
- Y- Delta Motor starting


Either you are an experienced PLC programmer or a novice you will enjoy to see your applications working in just minutes.

First simulate your project on a computer, then wire the devices to the external connectors and perform a real test.


Our PLC Training Station has been carefully designed to allow the following advantages :

- Small size and weight.

- Extremely low cost.

- Portable

- Easy to use

- Industrial

- Educational

U$ 289     U$ 289  

If you want to learn about PLCs, you can order our book “Fundamentals of ladder logic and PLCs or take our course ONLINE in


For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!