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Latin-Tech Inc.

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Our PLC trainer PTS T100 is a powerful tool for industrial automation developers to save time and money when quick prototyping is needed.
Educational institutions have found that our trainers are the best way to train learners in both simple and sophisticated Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLCs) either with classic or modern control techniques
Most of the other training equipments for PLCs and in the market only allow computer simulation for loads and programs. In our case, in addition to the simulation, our PLC Trainer PTS T100 can be connected to real devices or loads.

Super PLC Training Station PTS T100MD
U$ 669   U$ 688
Why do we call it so?
Because it contains all what you need in a PLC, at affordable cost and in the same equipment.
If you need a powerful and efficient solution for all of your automation projects here you are a SuperPLC                
Just take a look to its amazing features.
Ideal for:
  • Robotics and Motion Control
  • Complex control
  • Industrial automation projects
  • Automation emergencies
  • Distributed control
  • Internet/ethernet monitoring and control
  • Data logging Low cost RTUs
  • Fast development/protyping
  • Other engineering disciplines
  • Educational centers
Low cost RTUs
Fast development/protyping
Other engineering disciplines
Educational centers
  • Excellent cost.
  • Inmediate industrial application.
  • Super fast automation development.
  • Software simulation.
  • Programmable in ladder and BASIC.
  • First internet ready PLC trainer station.
  • Phone / modem support.
  • Multiple protocols supported.
  • You can write your own protocols.
  • Excellent for complex tasks.
  • Two motion channels included.
  • Portable.
  • Small weight and size
  • Complete assembly with power supply
  • Windows environment.
  • Multiple windows
  • Ladder and BASIC programming.
  • Software simulator
  • On-line monitoring and control
  • Ethernet / Internet connectivity
  • Easy program/debugging
  • Internet server included
Used by Australian RMIT, TAFE and Old Dominion University, Purdue University, State University of New York, Sait Polytechnic (Canada), Torreon University (Mexico), Kent State University, Florida International University and many other colleges and universities around the world


  • PLC with 8DC inputs and 8 DC outputs
  • 8 analog input channels (0-5VDC) Configurable in 6 Ads and 2 DAs channels
  • 2 high speed inputs (15Khz)
  • 2 PWM outputs
  • 4 interrupt inputs
  • RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Display of 2 lines 16 characters
  • 64 Timers and 64 counters
  • 256 internal relays
  • Configurable PID
  • 6016 words of memory program
  • 1700 words of EEprom memory.
  • 4000 words of RAM memory
  • 26 variables ( A to Z )
  • Clock / Calendar (option)
  • Expansion modules (40 I/ 40 O )
  • Powerful instructions set for control
  • 4 Jumbo Indicating LEDs
  • 2 Push buttons
  • 4 Switches
  • Protection fuse
  • Fiberglass base
  • 110+- 10%VAC connection.
  • Connectors to interact with the real world.
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 24VDC and 110 VAC supply available on connectors
  • RS232C serial connection cable

Communication Capabilities

Modbus (110 a 500Kbps)
Omrom´s C20H protocol
Internet/ethernet EMIT 3.0
Control/ Monitoring through EXCEL


Covered Topics

Take a look to the kind of projects the students can develop during a semester full of fun.

Fall 2000 - Automated Manufacturing System

Fall 2002  IE 575

Fall 2003  IE 575



PLC programming course in Miami. The Florida University is about to launch regular courses for PLC programming using our equipments. If you want to attend one of these courses please "contact us " "


If you have bougth or you are buying our PTS T100 PLC trainers and you are an educational institution, you can get complete Run-time and development licenses of our SCADA completely Free! for more information please "contact us"

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