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On-site Training on Programmable Logic controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA )
If you are insterested in learning how to program a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) we offer you several options.
You already know about it, knowing about PLC programming has become a MUST for a electrical/electronic engineers and technicians. Most of the machines you find in any type of industry are related to a PLC or use a PLC as the main controller and most of them must be connected to any computer to collect data and show graphics of the process.  

You need these courses if:

-You need a quick introduction to the PLCs.

-You want to have hands-on experience.

- You manufacture machinery o special equipment.

-You are looking for a low cost yet effective automation solution.

- You need to enhance your knowledge to be competitive.

-You are going to apply for a job and need some previous background.

- You already have PLCs and want to extract information to a PC.


- Basic knowledge on electricity (only if you are the implementer). No need if you are just the programmer.

- Basic knowledge on computers.

Schedules and Sessions.

We can prepare any schedule that best suit your needs. We normally prepare two sessions of 4 hours for local customers.

For customers located out of the city or out the country please contact us to define your need, we can have two days courses at your location.


Pure hands-on training. We use our powerful and now very famous trainers for all the practices.

Additionally we will leave our Software simulator for you to make homework.


Costs (Courses in the Miami area).

$450 per person. Two days with 4 hours of hands-on training per day.

Special discount for more than 4 students.


Beginner Course.

The course covers basic aspects of PLCs and basic elements. Intended for personal without any previous background on Programmable Logic Controllers. For the hands-on part we use our PTSE10.

Intermediate Course.

The course covers digital and analog I/O and different programming methodologies including Ladder. For those who attended the beginner course or that are related to electric or electronics field. Basic knowledge on electricity is required. This course is ideal for engineers or techinicians.

We use the PTS T100 as the trainer.

Advanced Course.

This course covers the interaction of the PLC with external equipments like: Serial devices, Touch screen panels, voice modules and Supervisory software (SCADA).

Ideal for OEMs, or those who are currently using other PLC brands and want to offer or learn innovative or low cost solutions.


Course on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA.

This course covers the connection of the PLC with a PC. How to define graphics, trends, historics. How to define a driver. We use our Supervisory software (SCADA) so you can make connection to our PLC trainer or any particular PLC. Ideal for OEMs, or those who want to offer an additional option or enhancement to the machine.

PLC trainers Video
Video PLC training with PTS E10
Video Low cost PLC training with PTS E10
Video Easy PLC learning and training
For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!