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Local, web or wireless SCADA

Windows XP/200/NT y WindowsCE

Take a look to the advantages:

Ready for the future

Our software converts personal computers, PDAs, Cellphones, Pagers and Windows Ce devices into industrial control systems. With us you have remote, web-based display and control



Our products support OPC (server and client) and more than 200 communication drivers. Most of our competitors will charge you for additional drivers


Windows CE

We were the first company to develop and deploy real-world solutions for the Windows CE/CE.NET environment. Other software vendors don’t have any Windows CE version available



We provide an open architecture for easy integration with third-party packages and devices. We provide a single development environment for all supported Microsoft operating systems.



You use the same development environment to have your aplication running on a Palm size computer, any Windows CE device or a normal computer. Most of the other vendors will sell different versions


This is a powerful, integrated collection of automation tools that includes all the building blocks required to develop modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) applications that run native on Windows NT, 2000, XP, CE and CE .NET or in an Internet and Intranet environment. A simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click development environment mimics the most complex behavior of your live processes. Our software is the ideal E-Automation solution in the industry.

Main Features

  • Uses real-time graphical interface to develop industrial automation, instrumentation, and embedded systems
  • Publishes real-time dynamic and animated graphic screens, trends, alarms, reports, and recipes to standard browsers
  • Allows data exchange between wireless and mobile devices
  • Supports multi-dimensional interface in the Web Thin Client environment
  • Create stand-alone and Web applications from the same development environment for applications running on Windows NT, 2000, XP, and CE, CE .NET, or on the Web
  • Integrates seamlessly with Windows desktop applications (such as Microsoft Word and Excel); interfaces with other third-party packages such as Java, C, C++, and Visual Basic
  • Supports ActiveX for Web Thin Clients
  • View multiple Web Thin Client applications from a common Web Browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape) through the Internet/Intranet and exchange data with a server using a TCP/IP protocol
  • Provides online configuration, debugging, and remote application management capabilities
  • Provides extensive development support tools such as message register, error codes, event codes, Database Spy, and LogWin
  • Contains a powerful, flexible tags database with Boolean, Real, String, and Array tags, classes, and indirect pointers
  • Provides the tools to configure applications in conformance with the FDA 21 CRF Part 11 regulation
  • Advanced math library has more than 100 standard functions
  • Programming is via flexible and easy-to-use scripting language
  • Provides multi-level security for applications, including use over Intranets and Internet.
  • Conforms to industry standards such as Microsoft DNA, OPC, DDE, ODBC, XML, and ActiveX
  • Provides automatic language translation at runtime
  • Allows internationalization using Unicode


  • Creates sophisticated interfaces with point and click, drag and drop ease
  • Imports graphics from more than 15 different formats for enhanced and realistic screens
  • Contains full-featured screen objects and dynamics with customizable object properties, such as bar graphs, color, resizing, blinking, animation, scale, fill, positioning, rotation, commands, hyperlinks, combo-boxes, and text input/output
  • Provides an object-oriented environment for simple application development and screen and object re-usability
  • Uses an extensive symbol library to simplify development


  • Sophisticated alarms management system allows you to send alarms to various utilities such as screen, e-mail, and Web browser, and archive to the printer; allows users to store notes after acknowledgement of alarm(s)
  • Provides free format alarm messages, uses secondary search keys, and accesses through groups or tags
  • Archives alarms to a file, printer, or to a database
  • Filters, sorts, or color sorts alarms for easier visual interpretation
  • Filter alarms by categories at runtime


  • Keeps track of process behavior online or through historical trending and sends information across a network for monitoring on screens or Web browsers
  • Distributes information throughout the network for easy monitoring on applications screens or via Web browsers


  • Includes more than 200 communication drivers
  • Supports OPC (server & client)
  • Supports various PC Control packages
  • Conforms to Microsoft .NET, OPC, DDE, ODBC, XML, SOAP, and ActiveX industry standards
  • Provides context-sensitive help

Recipes and Reports

  • Creates flexible, user-defined recipe groups
  • Import/export recipes, reports, and real-time data in XML format
  • Publishes real-time dynamic and animated graphic screens, trends, alarms, reports, and recipes to standard Web browsers


ABB (CS31, SPA-bus compatible equipment), ACS (UMacs-D64), Advantech (Series 4000, Series 4000/5000, Series 4000/5000, Series 8000, Plug-in Data Acquisition and Control Cards), Schneider (Modicon / Square D Telemecanique) (AEG Compact PLC*, ModCon 984E*, Quantum Family, ModCon 984E*Ethernet, Quantum Ethernet Family, MODBUS Plus compatible equipment, Modbus Serial Compatible, Symax), Agri-DataLog (CS950 series, AC2500 (only short parameter form), EC100, CPM8), Alfa (ALFA scale Family 3000), Allen-Bradley (Family PLC2, PLC5 and SLC500 using AB-1761-NET-ENI gateway Interface, ControlLogix , Family PLC2, Family PLC5, Family SLC500, Family PLC2, Family PLC5, Family SLC500, Family PLC5, Family 5000, Dataliner DL50 Display, Family SLC500 (with DeviceNet module), PLC5 series, PLC2 series, SLC500, MicroLogix 1000/1200/1500, PLC2, PLC3 and PLC5 family), Altus (AL- 2420, AL-3405, Family 1000 / 2000 / 3130), Atos (MPC4004), Automation Direct (DL240 / DL250), Axiom (AX Boards), BarCode (Scanner), BCM (108x / 1086 / 2085), Beckhoff (TwinCAT PLC), Berkeley process control (BXi controller), Bosch (CL200 / CL300 CL500, PPC), Cemig (Memp), Cepel (Sage), Control Technology Corporation (2200/ 2400/ 2800), Crisp Automation (Crisp VAX), Cutler-Hammer (D50*, D300), Davis (Weather Wizard), Degussa AG (Degussa), Enersafe (LifeLink 48T), Ero Electronic (FMC-Sacmi, Lfs), ESB (Vip D3-485, HV, Energy), EuroMap (Gammaflux GLC 2k), Europen (BarCode Scanner, Lay-Out Printer), EXFO (WA-5900), Fascitec (MFC), Fertron (Fertron PLC), Flowtronics (Flowtronics HMI), Fluke (2640A/2645A/2680A/2686A), Foxboro (743V / 743C / 761C / 762C), Galil (DMC Series), Gammaflux (TTC Series), Garmin (GPS V), GE-Fanuc (Series 90, 90/30 CPU 341*), Gefran (Adamelo, Controllers), HI Tecnologia (Mix 600 Controller), Hitachi (H-Series, EM-II Series, EB-Series), Idea Automazione (Ocrim), IDEC (MicroSmart PLC CPU Module), Johnson Control (N2), Keithley (Model 2700), Klockner-Moeller (PS316 / PS32, PS4-201-MM1 LPC42), Lamix (Display LAMIX), Lauer Gmbh (PCS Light), Mastushita (FP), Messung (PLC Messung), Microblau (TD3000), Mitsubishi (FX-232AW, MELSEC – A series), Motoman (XRC), Novus (N1100 / N1550 N2000, Field Logger), Omron (C-series Rack PCs, Sysmac way, Host link units, Sysmac C200H*, V720S-HMF01 RFID, Series CS1), Online Development (EZ-1131 interface), OPTO22 (Analog/Digital Boards, Analog/Digital Boards), Ordicam R & D (Reader DSC v5, v6 and v9), Phoenix (Interbus Compatible), Pilz (PNOZmulti Safety System), Presys (DMY2030, TY2090, DCY2050-2051), Pro-Lite (PL-M series D (displays)), Rohm (Display), RTP (RTP 2000), Sabroe (COMSAB II), Saia (Saia PCD), Sartorio (Sartorio Scale), Satchwell Control System (IAC200/400 & IAC600 Family), Schenck (Disomat C), SEW (MOVITRAC31), Siemens (S5 (PG port), S5 / S7 3964R, S7 300 / S7 400(MPI), S7 300 / S7 400(MPI), S7 200 (PPI), S7 (MPI), S7 Family (MPI compatible), Profibus DP Compatible, Profibus DP Compatible, Profibus FMS Compatible, Profibus DP Compatible, MXT521, TI PLC, S7-300 / S7-400 (MPI)), Sistem (CP-3000), Smar (CD600), Solidyne (IZAC/Clipper Network Protocol Compatible), SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) (Injection Molding Equipment), Therma (TH2131), Toledo (Model 9091, TolFlux 9300), Toshiba (Prosec-T2E), Uni-Telway (TSX), Usiminas (SISP), Usina Santa Elisa (Blender), Villares (Dedicated equipment), Watlow Controls (Series 981 / 984), West (6110 Temp. Contr.), Weg (A500, CFW, CPWA250, TP02, TP11), Yaskawa (Legend Series, GPIB), Yokogawa (UT35, HR2500E, UT750,UP750, UT550, UT520, UP550, UT350, UT320, UM350, UM330,UP350, YS100, F3LC11, F3LC12, F3LE01, F3GB01, F3SP (05, 21, 25, 28, 35, 38, 53, 58))


Some TIPS before ordering:

  • You can order Development and Run Time Licenses separately or both in a single license
  • We will give you a licence code number for you to use the licenses on a specific computer. You still can transfer the license to any other computer using a USB memory. If for any reason your HDD has a damage we are unable to get you the license number again.
  • You can buy the USB key/dongle (USD 50) and you can store the license number ( Development and Run-time) in this device and move the license to any computer with the software previously installed. We can also provide separate USB keys for Development and Run-time softwares



For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!