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Embedded Ethernet Controller, Programmable in ISaGRAF IEC-1131 Development Suite!

The LT-7188EG is an embedded controller and powered by an 80188-40 processor with 512K bytes of static RAM, and 512K bytes of Flash memory. It provides one serial RS-232 port, one RS-485 port and one 10BASE-T port. Each LT-7188EG has an Ethernet port and can take your system to the internet world. The LT-7188EG also supports an optional battery back-up SRAM expansion board and Flash-Rom board, providing non-volatile mass storage from 2 megabytes to 64 megabytes.
Creating a modbus Link with theLTI-7188EG
The LT-7188EG controller can be a Modbus "Slave" and/or a Modbus "Master" controller depending on the application. As a Modbus slave, you can use COM1 (RS232) and the Ethernet port of the LT-7188EG controller to link to PCs or other HMI products. As a Modbus master, you can use COM2 (RS485) to talk to other PLCs or devices which support Modbus protocol.
Linking To An MMI Interface Device
The COM1 (RS-232) port of the LT-7188EG controller can be used to interface with additional Man Machine Interface (MMI) devices such as touch screen displays. LATIN-TECH provides a full line of touch screen displays, such as the "Touch" series screens.
Controller to Controller Data Exchange
Like the LT-8437 / 8837 controllers, the LT-7188EG can use its Ethernet port to talk to one aother via the Ebus (Ethernet network) software communication mechanism.
Multi-client Connection
Each LT-7188EG has an IP address and with a fixed port No. of 502. With Modbus TCP/IP protocol, up to 4 PCs can link to one LT-7188EG through Ethernet. With Modbus serial protocol, another PC or MMI can link to the COM1 (RS232) port of the LT-7188EG. Therefore, the maximum number of clients that can be linked is 5.

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