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Hydrogen Cell Trainer
Mini-Plant Hydrogen Cell Trainer
LT - AE - FC

A new training system which will allow you:

  • To know all the technology behind the fuel cell
  • How to generate electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Regulate the voltage and turn it into effective work on read loads.
  • Parasitic load monitoring.
  • Simulate process on fuel efficiency.
  •  Understand the concepts on the lend of technology which makes a vehicle more efficient with the hydrogen generate.
  • Knowing about all the environmental advantages of this technology.




The need to eliminate all the harmful contaminants as a result from the combustion has generated new interests on research of clean energy production process.

The fuel cells are similar to the batteries but they use other chemicals or cleaner combustion process.

This trainer uses the hydrogen cell to study advantages and applications.

  • Includes a touch scream to visualize operation parameters.
  • Store data process without the need of computer memory.
  • All data can be extracted or download to a pen drive.
  • Fully compatible with our alternative energy system (Eolic and Solar).
  • Electronic signals available on connector to help in research.
  • Excellent tool for education and research.

Fuel Cell

  • Cell type:                                                PEM.
  • Number of cell:                                      24.
  • Power:                                                   100 W.
  • Duty:                                                      14.4 V @ 7,2 A.
  • Reactive:                                                 Hydrogen and air.
  • Max de operational Temperature:         65°C.
  • Humidification:                                      Auto humidified.
  • Flow:                                                      4L/min.
  • Hydrogen Purity:                                 ≥ 99,99%.
  • Efficiency:                                               40% @ 14v.
  • Over current protection:                         12 A.
  • Low voltage protection:                          12 V.
  • Over temperature protection:                 65°C.



  • Fuel Cell 100 W PEM 14v 7.2A.
  • Fans.
  • Manifold.
  • Hydrogen Tank (500vi) MH10 Metal Hydride.
  • Converter AC/DC 12V 8A.
  • Local Lamp 12V 50W y 3 x 1W.
  • Variable rheostat 100W (1.5Ω a 17Ω).
  • Battery 12V20A.


  • Scream 5” Full color:
    • 2 Digital Voltmeter DIN rail, voltage output.
    • 1 Digital Ammeter DIN rail, voltage output.
    • 3 Displays, DIN rail, temperature, pressure y flow.
  • Pressure transducer.
  • Temperature transducer.
  • Hydrogen transducer.
  • Dry cell hydrogen generator for vehicle.
Operator manuals and training


Dowload the Brochure

PH: 305 848 3517
8004 NW 154 ST. # 621
Miami 33016, FL, USA

Discover and new experience in education and research.

More realistic lab practices

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