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Non-Volatile FRAM, Battery-Backed Real Time Clock
& I2C-EEPROM (FRAM-RTC-256 only)


The FRAMRTC-0/256 provides the following to the Nano-10 or FMD PLC:

1) 11,000 16-bit words of Ferromagnetic RAM (FRAM) memory that will be used as primary storage for the user’s EEPROM data. These FRAM memory can also be used to store up to 549 strings of 40 characters per string. These FRAM memories allow an unlimited number of read and write cycles at full speed and they are thus much better than the traditional “EEPROM” memory.

2) A lithium battery-backed Real Time Clock (RTC). Athough there is an internal RTC on Nano-10 PLC, it loses its content when the PLC is powered OFF and you will need to set the RTC when the PLC is powered ON again. On the FRAMRTC the clock is maintained by the 3V lithium cell battery and will run continously even when power OFF. Nano-10 CPU automatically detects the presence of FRAM-RTC-0/256 and will load its internal RTC with the data from FRAMRTC upon power ON.

3) FRAM-RTC-256 adds 256K bytes of extended data file space to the Nano-10 or FMD PLC (in addition to the 60K bytes on board). These may be used to serve more webpages or used by the PLC to log data as data file and the data file may be uploaded via FTP to external FTP server. For more details please download Extended File System manual.

4) With FRAM-RTC-256, the FMD PLC will be able to use the I2C_WRITE and I2C_READ comand and it will also be able to control the DAC #3 and DAC #4.


The FRAM-RTC-0/256 module has a set of 2x5 header pins which are to be plugged into the "CONN1" connector on the PLC. A nylon standoff is included to provide the support on the right side of the FRAMRTC board. If there is a matching hole on the PLC the standoff will provide additional grip on the FRAM-RTC board. If not, simply trim the end of the standoff to provide a support to the FRAMRTC.



Important Notice

1.  FRAM-RTC-0 or FRAM-RTC-256 replaces the original FRAM-RTC (which was declared End-Of-Life on 2011-12-31 due to an unexpected component supply discontinuation).

2. FMD and Nano-10 PLCs with firmware version r77 and above will work with both the original FRAM-RTC and the new FRAM-RTC-0/256. PLCs with earlier firmware version will only work with the original FRAM-RTC.

3. All FMD and Nano-10 PLCs with serial number 12xxxxx and above have firmware ver. >= r77. Those with serial number 11xxxxx generally do not, but there are some exceptions. To confirm the firmware version of a 11xxxxx PLC, access i-TRiLOGI's "Controller -> Get PLC Hardware Info".


For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!