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Lab Modules for Training on Automation

Compatibles with any PLC brand.




No matter the PLC brand you are currently using, our laboratory modules will help you to get a better vision on industrial automation. Our technologies and costs are oriented to improve education and learning processes on automation, control and PLCs areas, through the following advantages:

    • Pre-assembled modules to facilitate the labour of students and professors
    • Step by step manuals to develop the experiments.
    • Immediate  industrial application,so the students can take their projects and apply them to any type of industry.
    • Extremely low cost. This will allow you to have a better using of your budget in order to have more equipments by student.
    • More technologies. We use the most advanced and current commercial technologies. With other manufacturers it becomes very expensive and sometimes unaffordable.
    • More Fun. Our Laboratories allow you to develop aplications for any field: Robotics, telecommunications, domotics, etc. Excellent feature to gain and retain student´s attention and to stimulate his creativity and research development.
    • More hands-on learning. The students can make  more projects during the time the course lasts.
    • More possibilities, more fun. We are firm believers that education must be fun to make the student really learn. All of our lab modules for training on automation and PLCs are designed to be learning tools that help with the fun.

Based on the interest of keep our pricing as low as possible, the following equipments can only be offered to the public and the educational institutions in minimum quantities of 5 units. For now the Online students from USA and Canada can lease them.


Pusbuttons and Switches

This module contains all the necessary elements to understand the real design of a front panel   control. It includes a Mushrom emergency pushbutton, Start and Stop pushbuttons, Three position selector , a removable key-switch and Buzzer alarm. Can be connected to any PLC brand or PLC trainer. Includes manual with technical descriptions, practices ,experiments and questions.


Relay Modules

The relay is one of the most used elements in the industrial automation. It could be said that there is not automation project that does not include at least one relay; this is one of the main reason where a good knowledge of the device becomes very important.
This module contains six different types of relay to help the student in the understanding, operation, technical features, characteristics, selection and using criteria

Can be connected to any PLC brand or PLC trainer. Includes manual with technical descriptions, practices , experiments and questions. 

Voice Module

This is one of our most sold ítems. The innovation and modern technology is one of its main advantages, because it allows you, literally,  to put  your machine or process to talk. The students pre-record the messages using their own voice and then the PLC plays the messages according to the control logic or the process needs. Most of our customers that have used it confirm the fun and innovative this application is.
The module can be connected to any PLC brand , any machine or any loud noise environment.
Includes manual with technical descriptions, practices ,experiments and questions . Voice module with built-in amplifier, power supply, speaker and compact flash memory.


Stepper Motor Module

The stepper motors are present in a countless number of industrial processes. One of the industrial automation fields where new developments are the constant are precisely the motion control and in particular the high accurate motion .
The stepper module includes the stepper motor, the stepper drive and the power supply.
The manual covers experiments, technical features of the elements , types of operation , experiments and questions.
Compatible with any PLC brand.

Frequency Drives Module

This module is one of the most requested among our online customers. The big advantage is that allows you to get the knowledge on operating and changing the speed of an AC tri-phase motor., without the need of special connections or electrical installations .
Based on your request, we can supply the module for an input voltage of 110VAC or 220VAC single phase.
It includes a contactor, a Variable Frequency Drive, a tri-phase motor and terminal strips for your connections.  It can be controlled by any PLC brand.

Includes manual with technical descriptions, practices ,experiments and questions.
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For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!