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Latin-Tech Inc.

    PH: 305 848 3517  8004 NW 154ST #621  Miami Lakes, FL 33016 USA
We offer you a complete line of really low cost interfaces.

Either you want just a simple display unit of US35 or powerful interfaces with Nema 4 protection with keyboard and high size indicating LEDs. Our Optimate panels are compatible with most of the PLC automation brands.

You have an option for every application and budget.

MD LCD 216

These two low cost alphanumeric display modules are STN (super-twisted nematic) type display with yellow green LED backlight. Both modules are supplied with the ribbon cable and plug for immediate connection to a T100MD+ PLC's built-in LCD port. A backlight current limit resistor is also included in the package. Programming the display is unbelievably easy! US 43

All that is needed is to execute the TBASIC command once : SETLCD r, c, <text string> where r is the row number and c is the column number, followed by a text string which can be any ascii text or numerical values converted into text string using the STR$(n) or HEX$(n) command. This allows the LCDs to display any internal data for intelligent operator interface. US 64

Download LCD Full Manual

MD LCD 420
US 64

The MDS-100 is specially designed to work with the T100MX PLC to provide a low cost solution for displaying alphanumeric characters on a 4 lines x 20 characters, high contrast, bright back-lit LCD screen. Although all T100MD+ PLCs have a built-in LCD port, it can still utilize the MDS100 for additional display job, especially at a long distance and away from the machine. MDS-100 comprises a daughter board (the "control board") that is plugged onto the back ("piggy-backed") of an industry standard 4x20 LCD module. US 134
US 134

Use the MD-HMI Module (T100MD+ Only) - This new product comprises one 4 lines x 20 characters LCD display; a 16 keys keypad and 8 LEDs. This module is plugged into the LCD port and the expansion port of the PLC. It does not use up any of the PLC's I/O. The keys and the LEDs appear an expanded I/Os to the CPU. US 147

Serial Port Based HMI

All the T100MD and MX families of PLCs support MODBUS and OMRON C20H protocols on both their RS232C  and RS485 ports. Hence the PLC can work with a wide variety of third party HMIs and SCADA software that speaks MODBUS or OMRON protocols via the RS232 or RS485 port. The following are just some of those we have tested or known to work with our PLCs, Any HMI or SCADA that supports generic MODBUS devices should work with the M-series PLCs.

MD-HMI Module (T100MD+ Only)

Use the MD-HMI Module (T100MD+ Only)*

This new product comprises one 4 lines x 20 characters LCD display; a 16 keys keypad and 8 LEDs. This module is plugged into the LCD port and the expansion port of the PLC. It does not use up any of the PLC's I/O. The keys and the LEDs appear an expanded I/Os to the CPU.

Advantages: Numeric keypad data entry is much easier. Professional looking front bezel.
Disavantages: Works only on T100MD+ model.

- Download Installation Guide: inst-HMI.pdf
- Download TRiLOGI programs for use with the MD-HMI: HMI.zip

All the following Optimate panels are compatible with our T100 Series PLC through the OPTIMATE HEX and MODBUS protocols.

The Optimate panels can work also with the following PLCs:

Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Automation Direct, Omrom, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, IDEC, Entertron, Keyence with their proprietary driver and any other equipment with MODBUS protocol.

To select an Optimate panel for an specific brand, please see chart at the bottom of this page.

Most Touch panel Manufacturers offer high and features such as Thend Graphs, etc. only in their high end (10" and ebove ) models. NOT US Our feature set as well as programming language is common to all models from 6" White on Blue to 15" TFT.
LT - S6M-F
Touchpanel operator interface with 3.5” TFT Color display
Touchpanel operator interface with 5.7” STN Monochrome display
Touchpanel operator interface with Slim Bezel, 5.7” TFT Color display
US 319
US 499
US 879
LT - T8C-F
LT - T10C-F
LT - T15C-FS
Touchpanel operator interface with Slim Bezel, 8.2” TFT Color display
Touchpanel operator interface with Slim Bezel, 10.4” TFT Color display
Touchpanel operator interface with Slim Bezel, 15” TFT Color display
US 969
US 1,519
US 2,219


LTPTouch Enhanced Key Features

Incredible 3-D graphical objects: pushbuttons, numeric entry, meters, line graphs, PID faceplates, etc. All are high-speed, vector-based objects with amazing scalability.
• 128 colors for use in objects and graphics
• Display text in up to nine different languages (user-selected by a push of a button!)
• Built-in Symbol Factory with over 4,000 symbols
• Screen and object password protection (eight user-defined levels)
• Unmatched alarm capability with history, count and details
• Recipe downloads to the PLC:20 values into 20 registers (fixed or variable)
• Floating-point numbers to and from PLC
• Built-in clock and calendar
• Forty-character tagnames mapped to PLC addresses
• Optional 512 K, 1 MB, and 2 MB flash memory cartridge for non-volatile program storage and distribution
• Expandable RAM memory cartridge for up to a total of 1 MB
• Bitmaps can now be sized on the screen in the LTPanel Software
• Import/export tags to/from Excel or CSV files - Export messages to Excel or CSV file
• Export alarms to Excel or CSV file
• Multi-state Bitmap object (bit or word selectable)
• Multi-state Indicator/Message object (bit or word selectable) allows up to four embedded data variables in messages
• Bitmap Button object
• Scalable meters and bar graphs
• Floating point support for Meters, Bar Graphs, PID and Line Graphs
• Project Simulation
• 4 New Unicode-Enabled Objects
• Pick and Apply Styles
• Language Import/Export
• Free Sizing of Touch Objects
• Bitmap Creation/Editing
• New Image Formats for Bitmap Obejcts
• Display Tag Name/Address on Objects
• Monitor Tag Values
• Single File Project Saving
• Project File Packager for Easy Distribution
• Overlapping of Objects



Serial Drivers
Allen-Bradley DF1 Half and Full Duplex (PLC-5, SLC 500, MicroLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500)
• DH485/AIC/AIC+ for MicroLogix 1000, 1200, 1500, SLC500, 5/01, /02, /03
• Aromat Mewtocol COM
• AutomationDirect DirectLOGIC PLCs
• Control Techniques - Unidrive 2-wire, 4-wire (binary)
• Control Technology Corp. (CTC) - CTC2600, 2700 and 5100 (CTC Binary)
• GE Fanuc SNPX (90/30, 90/70)
• Idec Computer Link
• Omron Host Link (C200 and C500)
• All Mitsubishi FX Series
• Modicon MODBUS RTU
• Siemens S7 MPI Adapter series PLCs
• Square D Symax - 300 Series CPU, 400 Series CPU (Symax)
• Texas Instruments - TI5x5 Series, TI505, TI545-1102, TI545-1104

Ethernet Drivers

Allen-Bradley Ethernet I/P for ControlLogix
• Allen-Bradley DF1 over Ethernet
• GE SRTP over Ethernet
• Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet

Hardware Drivers

• Remote I/O
• Modbus Plus
• Profibus
• DeviceNet


For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!