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Latin-Tech Inc.

5209 NW 74 AVE . SUITE 202        MIAMI, FL. 33166 USA         1-888-832-7568 Toll free        1-775-637-6825 Fax

Modular, economical, snap together fieldbus I/O and operator panels from a proven leader in industrial automation.
An excelent option to develop PC control or Ethernet/Internet I/O

Optimation's OptiLogic™ Remote Terminal Unit provides point of use I/O and operator panel capabilities with a high speed link to a PC.
OptiLogic™ delivers the highest levels of flexibility, ease of use and performance at the lowest cost of any PC-based distributed I/O subsystem on the market.

The OptiLogic™ Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is modular in design. It allows you to plug together any combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs that will fit in the available slots.
The card cage base snaps onto a standard DIN rail for back panel mounting.
If an operator panel is required, the base snaps onto any variety of available OptiLogic™ operator panels, which can in turn be panel mounted.
The Ethernet connection provides a 10BaseT connection to the network.

A System built with OptiLogic™ RTUs allows you to monitor and control equipment and systems spread throughout a building. A PC with a standard Ethernet connection can serve as the central controller. Input data, output control and operator panel operation are only a millisecond response away.

If you are a software professional, you can easily develop your own software to run on the PC and interface OptiLogic™ RTUs. A Software Development Kit is available for such purposes.
If you are not a software professional, or you are looking for a more efficient way to develop your application, easy to use development packages are available from companies such as Think & Do.

Thanks to the many built-in communication protocols, the Super PLCs also make more than great serial-based I/O boards for PCs or Workstation!


PLC as I/O boards

Thanks to the many built-in communication protocols, the Super PLCs also make more than great serial-based I/O boards for PCs or Workstation!


Optilogic modules

New technologies, excelent solutions, affordble pricing. You can choose among a lot of input and output modules for your applications


Optilogic Panels

The Optilogic Series allows you to snap on operator panels. There is a growing variety of available operator panels which can easily be attached to any Optilogic base.


OL 4054
4 slot RTU Base


OL 4058
8 slot RTU Base

  US149 US199
      I/O Modules                        

OL 2104

4 Relay Out module

US 42


OL 2108

8 Relay Out Module

US 53


OL 2109

8 Point, 5.40 VDC Sinking Output

US 53


OL 2111

8 Point SolidState Relay Output

US 89


OL 2201

8 Point Digital Input Simulator Module

US 46


OL 2205

4 Point input, 10-30V AC/DC

US 42


OL 2208

8 Point Input 10-30 VDC (Sourcing or sinking)

US 46


OL 2211

8 Point AC input, 80-132 VAC

US 53


OL 2252

2 Channel 0 - 15 KHz

US 59


OL 2258

High Speed Pulse Counter Pulse & Direction Up/Down Count Of Quadrature

US 119

OL 2304
Four Channel 
Voltage Output
0-5V, 0-10V, +/-5V, +/-10V
(individual channel configurable) US199

OL 2408

8 Channel, 14 bit, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC analog input.



OL 2418

8 Channel, 14 bit, 4-20mA analog input



OL 2602

2 Channel RS232C



For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!