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Latin-Tech Inc.

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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
What if we tell you that our PLCs can save you thousands in your current budget for automation
        We offer you two series:          

You think you knew the smallest PLC in the world?

Our mini PLCs (6inputs/4outputs ) are suitable for many small applications. After using it you will be enchanted with the power and of course our price.


Original and classic PLCs

We offer several I/O possibilities. This is one of the most popular choices among our OEM customers. We have units running for several years under harsh environments all over the world. To give you an idea in pricing, our PLC T64H Relay, with 40 optoisolated inputs and 24 relay outputs of 2 amps.

Here you are just some users of our products
Apple Computer USA, Apple Computer Singapur, Asia MatsushitaTraining Center, Honeywell, PHILIPS, SGS Thompson, SONY Precision Eng, Intel (Penang), Singapore Polytechnique, Western Digital, ER Mechatronics, Total Automation, Grundig (Penang), Anglogold, ST Microelectronics (Singapore), Tetrapak (Singapore), Intel (Penang), SAIC (U.S.A), Newport News Industrial (U.S.A), Bristol Myers Squibb Company (NYEE)
Equivalent features in any other brand will cost you three or more times of what you would pay to us.

Several important customers are using now our PLCs

All OEM equipment manufacturers know it - the dilemma of not being able to find a powerful yet low cost PLC that doesn't break the bank. Let's face it - the traditional "brick" type PLCs are way too expensive and clumsy for controlling OEM type machines. Yet the alternatives, the so called "microprocessor boards" or "single-board computers" require wide hardware knowledge as well as the use C or assembly language which may not be within in-house expertise.

These PLCs are amazingly powerful, low cost and yet programmable using industry-standard Ladder Logic and BASIC language. Many OEMs have since discovered that not only do they save a bundle in control costs using our PLCs, they also gain a far more powerful control system that is versatile and customizable.

Our users also discover an added bonus - the Super PLCs are the world's first PLCs that are programmable over the Internet using a web browser!


Our PLCs are not only one of the less expensive brands but also one of the most powerful

Don't forget to visit our Powerful PLCs that work as a PC since they have Windows CE !


For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!