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E10 Series

Photograph of E10-npn+ and E10-Relay+

NEW! All E10+ have 216 Programming Steps and all timer/counter range are 0-9999.
Only 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 2.0cm
E10npn2.jpg (7795 bytes)    

DIN-Rail Mounting Kit option


I think the E10-npn is a gem. I work in R&D and machine building for Die-Tech, Inc. ...  the E10 has proven to be a perfect fit for us.  The E10 made the electronics box smaller, cooler running, and more robust. And in the bargain, our manufacturing cost was cut by two-thirds. That's real value in a product.".

Michael Dennis, USA (info@die-tech.com)
Die-Tech, Inc. http://www.die-tech.com


rs485networkpic1.jpg (18686 bytes)


Easily connect to PC using built-in RS232 port on E10-npn+ or via an Opto232 adapter on E10-Relay+.

Or connect up to 255 of them to a host PC or Master PLC as smart remote I/Os.

All E10+ PLCs are RS485 Network-Ready! Simple ASCII based Host Link Commands are really  simple to use. See Visual BASIC example here. The M-series PLC even has built-in NETCMD$() command to readily communicate with  E10+ PLCs.


Technical Specifications


  • 12 to 30V DC Power Supply 
  • 6 Inputs with LED Indicators (12~30V DC, NPN type)
  • 4 Outputs (each output can sink 1A @ 12~30V DC)
  • 8 internal relays+2 internal outputs
  • 4 timers (0.1s to 999.9s) 4 counters(1 to 9999)
  • 1 sequencer with 32 steps (step# 0 - # 31)
  • 216 program steps (1 contact = 1 step)
  • Programmable in Ladder Logic software With SIMULATOR.
  • Creates ladder program using meaningful names:-
    - Uses simulator to fully test programs on the PC screen before downloading
    - On-line monitoring of all I/O logic states on ladder diagram or on full screen
    - Forced-setting/resetting of i/os can be done directly from computer screen.
    - EEPROM Program Storage (40 years)
    - Screw Terminal Blocks
  • Supports HostLink Command Protocol - The E10+ PLC can be used as a low cost I/O board for PC or other host processor board - Download Host Link Command Reference Manual


  • 24V AC (0.3A transformer)
  • 6 Inputs with LED Indicators (24V DC, PNP type)
  • 4 relay Outputs (2 commons. Each output can switch   2A @ 250V AC)
  • Requires Opto232 adapter for programming by a PC.
  • All the rest are same as E10-npn+.

I. Introduction

Finally, a PLC so small and cost so little that it can effectively replace all those bulky relays, timers or counters found in your current control panels. Its 24V DC transistor outputs or 0 to 250V AC relay outputs eliminate the need for additional driver circuitry and its incredibly low price means you actually save money while getting a technically superior design for your next control panel project! Despite its simple appearance, the E10+ PLCs share equally sophisticated programming tools with their larger siblings - which comprise the T22H with 12 inputs / 10 outputs to the T64H with 40 inputs and 24 outputs.

An E10+ PLC is programmable using an extremely user-friendly ladder logic editor-cum-simulator software -WinTRiLOGI Version 3.5 (Click here to download its Help document). This software now runs under Windows operating systems (95,98,ME, NT,2000,XP). 

(Notes: for existing E10npn or E10-Relay users: The new E10npn+ and E10Relay+ PLCs are backward compatible with the older generation E10 PLCs. This mean that you can continue to use the DOS TRiLOGI software that you have been using for many years to program the E10+ without switching to the Windows version. You will get the full 216 programming steps but your timers and counters are limited to 0-254. Only the WinTRiLOGI software supports 0-9999 range for E10+ timers and counters.)
wtl3pic1.gif (13559 bytes)
WinTRiLOGI runs on any Windows PC. Featuring pull-down menus, pop-up windows and on-line context-sensitive help systems, TRiLOGI is the most user-friendly ladder logic editor available. Its built-in logic SIMULATOR allows you to perform complete off-line testing of your program on your PC screen without connecting to the target PLC. You can immediately verify our claim by downloading the evaluation copy of the TRiLOGI from our Internet Website: and finish writing the ladder program for your next project in no time!

II. Hardware Specifications




1. Power Supply
-  AC 24V (current = 0.2A)
-  Rectified DC24V availale for
- DC 12 to 30V (+ 10% ripple)
- Current 0.5~2A (load dependent)
2. CPU

Program Storage Size
Average Execution Speed


216 steps stored in EEPROM
20µs per step


216 steps stored in EEPROM
20µs per step

3. Input Circuits

Number of inputs
Input Voltage for Logic 0
Input Voltage for Logic 1


6 (PNP type)
open circuit or 0 to 3.5V DC
8 to 24V DC


6 (NPN type)
open circuit or 8.5V to 24V
0V to +3.5V DC

4. Output Circuits

Number of outputs
Peak output current
Output Voltage for Logic 1
Inductive back EMF protection


2.0A @250VAC or 30VDC per output Dry contact
---- No----


Sink 1.0A per output
1.2V @ Iout = 500mA

5. Dimension
7.8cm (L) x 5.6cm (W) x 2.5cm(H)
5.4cm (L) x 5.4cm (W) x 2.0cm(H)
6. Weight (approximate)
7. Price
U$ 84
U$ 74
8. Starter Kit
U$ 135
E10-npn+ Starter Kit

III. Software Features and Programming Methods

IV. E10-npn+ Wiring Diagram

E10-npn and E10-Relay Installation Guide - "INSTE10N and INSTE10R


We welcome any technical institutes and colleges to use the TRiLOGI software and PLC Trainers to train students on ladder logic programming at no charge at all!   We would appreciate it if you could email to us at: sales@latin-tech.net to inform us that you will be providing a link to our website at:   www.lt-automation.com so that the students can download the TRiLOGI software from our web page to do their homework!  Suggestions and feedback on our products would be greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the program if you enjoy using it.

Please visit this Internet Trilogi PLC software Tutorial
     by  Prof T.C. Chang, Purdue University, Indiana


PLC Training Course Instructor Comments:

"I use TRiLOGI in the college classroom. I have each student download and install TRiLOGI on their home computer, and I then give them programming assignments to do at home. They individually write, run and debug their PLC programs, and then email their program files to me for testing and grading. Since TRiLOGI will simulate PLC operation off-line, each student is able to obtain hands-on programming and debugging experience without having to wait for their turn on an expensive laboratory PLC. The students enjoy using TRiLOGI because they can see their programs run at home without loading them into an actual PLC, it is easy to learn, and the cost for the off-line version is zero."

Prof John Hackworth, Old Dominion University



For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!